Visual Communication

This week we started the pathway of Visual Communication, and the first exercise we were asked to complete was looking at headlines of newspaper articles which looked interesting, we then chose one article… Continue reading

Macro Evolutionary: Final Outcome

I have included images of my final piece here, during the making process I distressed recycled products to make them more authentic to a wasteland environment, also underneath these objects is stitched into… Continue reading

Developing Designs

After creating our mood boards we then went on to start drawing sketches and designs of what we may want to make, We designed 5 adornments for each body part here I have… Continue reading

Body Adornment Project: Macro Evolutionary

We were given the brief to create a body adornment for humans who have survived a terrible natural disaster in the future and have needed to adapt to survive, these adaptions could be… Continue reading

My Final Outcome

I have posted photos of my finished prototype, it has a traditional suitcase format, but when opened reveals a concertina style pockets which when scaled to a larger size would be able to… Continue reading


after finding my inspiration from the internet and books I looked to designing my own case. I started the designing process with a mind map, to help me organise my thoughts, inspiration and… Continue reading

Super Suitcase: 3DD Project Research

This Week we were given the brief: Design a Prototype object that utilises the space within a suitcase and performs a function inside or outside the case. I began researching various types of… Continue reading

The Graveyard

One of our first projects in this foundation course was a group trip to¬†West Street Cemetery, we went and took photos and recordings which would act as research to create a final outcome.… Continue reading