Type Research

This group of graphic designers is called, iamalwayshungry, based in new orleans, i have looked at some of their work including titles based on the girl with the dragon tattoo, book and film. they are… Continue reading

‘Place Sketchbooks’

Brief: yOu will need to make a set minimum of 3 self made sketchbooks, each book will explore a different chosen place. The place can be personal, urban/rural, domestic/workplace, fiction/memory.  Explore, Observe record… Continue reading

Visiting London and Ucas Fair

We started the day by visiting the UCAS Fair, this is where all the creative courses from universities are represented in one place so that we can see advantages/disad’s etc. This is a… Continue reading

Course Tester Sessions

These Sesssions included advertising and branding, Illustration and graphic Design. The first of the sessions (advertsing and branding was good fun and i found the lecturer really inspirational and easy to work with.… Continue reading

Starting the Visual Communication Pathway

This week we started the vis comm. pathway for the 2nd part of the course, after the assessment we were given a list of tasks to complete, we had to visit 2 of… Continue reading

Fine Art final piece

I really enjoyed creating this final piece, I feel it really reflects my research development and relates well to the brief. I am glad with the decision to go straight onto the wall,… Continue reading

Fine Art

This week we started our Fine art pathway, to begin we were showed a presentation explaining the pathway etc, and some important artists within it. we were then given a limited amount of… Continue reading

Moving Image and Photography

We started this pathway by looking at the fundamentals of the course, and then progressed to how we read a photograph or piece of moving image. We were shown a black and white… Continue reading

Drawing Workshop

In this Drawing workshop we tried to achieve conveying emotions in our pictures, using a sinister object, comforting, soft or sharp. I have included photos of the work I produced during a Drawing… Continue reading

Visual Communication- Final Outcome

After developing lots of different ideas by looking at various artists, I began to develop my images for my book. Using David Carson as an example I tried to manipulate my images, by… Continue reading