Printing Research- John C Thurbin

Thurbin is a illustrator and graphic designer, specialising in Lino Printing and ink, His work is incredibly detailed with a large scale planning needed. His designs are complicated and so well executed the… Continue reading


today we developed our Illustrations even further, using lino printing, I have done this before, but not using easy cut lino which was a great improvement. I have created prints of Pigeons and… Continue reading

Developing my Illustrations

Yesterday we completed tasks were we would use our illustrations and mono print’s to create drawings on Acetate using a permanent pen, we then used acrylic paint on the back to add depth… Continue reading


Working from our original illustrations we then experimented with monoprinting, although i have done this technique before i found it really good fun, the element of surprise is great as sometimes your creation… Continue reading


This week we are beginning our Illustration project, where we were started off by choosing 5 old books, taking a random page from each and then choosing various words from that page to… Continue reading

Illustration Research part 3: Georgina Hounsome

This Illustrator has a quite distinctive style, with many drawings being detailed, and almost scientific such as the feathers and fossils drawn from observation, whereas some of her pieces have a much more… Continue reading

Illustration Research part 2 : Silja Goetz

Silja Goetz is  a designer with clients all around the world, she has a quite traditional drawing style, which is quite simple but varies for different clients, she produces fashion illustrations for vogue… Continue reading

Illustration Research: Miles Donovan

Miles Donovan is an illustrator working with clients worldwide, and the peepshow collective. His work really reflects pop culture, using images based around pop stars, music, politicians and culture, therefore making his work… Continue reading

Place Part 2

We completed a Photoshop workshop in which we were asked to bring in photos of a place, different from our First ( My Grandmothers house) I Chose New York as I visited last… Continue reading

Final ‘Type’ pieces

our Ongoing project ‘type’ has included various briefs, but overall we have had the opportunity to experiment with lots of different fonts and techniques etc. including hand-drawn, collage, scanning photography of various typefaces… Continue reading