i’m a layer lover

These are ideas that i have produced for my Think project which, but i am also thinking of developing these into a series to create my final piece. The images have been scanned… Continue reading

Further Developments

I really like the visuals used in 50’s american advertising and have decided to try and use them within my project, mainly due to the way they portray america and it’s people, as… Continue reading

Imagine one billion faces for peace iobffp

This charity are based around the death of John Lennon, famously shot by a crazed fan, they work for the peace that he so believed in, this charity have taken the famous Carl… Continue reading

John Rosenthal

John Rosenthals is an estate developer who has founded two successful charities one including the stop hand gun violence charity, for which he created a huge (252 feet)billboard for a stretch of route… Continue reading

Think Research…Patrick Thomas

patrick Thomas is a graphic designer with a striking political style, he clearly protests various issues in society such as fox hunting and gun crime. His use of iconic images and bright colours… Continue reading

Continuing research for ‘THINK’

I have found a very interesting radio programme broadcast by Alistair Cook october 1993, although from years ago it is still very relevant, and saddening that the issues affecting america and gun crime… Continue reading

THINK… a new Project

Over the coming weeks I will be working on a new project set titled: ‘Think’ we were asked to choose a word from a large list and then either promote or protest them.… Continue reading

Final Double Page spread

After a short conversation with Mark, I decided there was too much text and image so i felt it should be more minimal. I am happy with my final outcome as i feel… Continue reading

Further Illustration developments

I have now started to mock up my final layouts for 2x 2 page spreads where we use our stories to create page layouts. I looked at various back issues of vogue for… Continue reading

Lino Printing…more research

Amalia Caratozzola- an Italian designer, who uses lino to great effect. Unlike Thurbin’s work she has a looser style and it is much clearer that she is using the technique of Lino cutting… Continue reading