Place research I think this is a really interesting blog, and artist who uses his sketchbook to record various places and people. Her name is Eleanor Doughty she also hasa her own tumblr dedicated to her art portfolio: in  her pieces entitled 315 laurel street i really enjoy her use of un-realistic colour, and also her illustrative style. she is a  designer and illustrator and this is clear in her wide amount of work, using various materials and amount of different styles.  She has created EP covers for bands and also digitially designed logo concepts. Her piece Wander lost, is very clever word play on wunderlust, a desire to travel etc. the interior image corresponds to the large fold out aerial picture of what really could be anywhere. I like the way she has presented this little fold-up book/envelope it is very unique and simple, with a nicely designed type as a title. Although i don’t believe i will use these techniques when making my book, i feel they are still a relevant look at the links between people objects experiences and places.

She seems to return to the idea of place a-lot drawing rooms, streets, city scapes etc. she says she loves using egon schiele style lines and i can defiantly see the resemblance in her work.