New Place Project…Continuing from initial place sketchbooks

We started a new project based upon our place sketchbooks, created around a place choice of our own. You may remember that my books were mostly based upon my grandmothers house, the details within her house such as teapots cups, photoframes etc. Although for this project we were able to start fresh on our choice of place, i have still decided to look at my grandmothers house, yet take a slightly different approach in my theme. I have become very interested in the way we link memories people and details to a place. Why do certain places and the objects and people within them evoke such strong memories and emotions from the past, especially small details such as Cracks in a wall, textures of a cushion, these are all simple elements, but which seem to make such a mark in our minds. I find this espeically true when visiting my grandmothers house after her death as many seemingly inanimate and meaningless objects become a vital part in how we percieve that place.